The Return of Video Friday: Tunes from the Vault

Hey guys!

With the return of the blog comes the return of my habit of posting videos on Friday. "Why?" you ask.  "Why not?" I counter. Also, while it wasn't an official thing before, I'm making it one now. So every Friday, there will be a new video (or several).

This week I subject introduce you to some of the music of my early childhood. "Why?" you ask again. Because I can. Now stop asking silly questions.

But seriously, these songs form some of my earliest best memories and I'm glad that I live in the future now, so that I can share them with you. Ready to give them a try? Good! Here goes:



Want to know a secret? These songs remind me of my Dad, who isn't with us anymore. These were all songs that he really liked and that I liked too; which was a big deal, because most of the time, especially as I got older, we did not see eye-to-eye about music at all. Another secret? It's because of my Dad that that last one there has been my favorite song since I was four years old. No joke.

What do you guys think? Is this old stuff worth keeping? What's your earliest old favorite song?

Next Friday, more videos! Between then and now? Who knows!

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william theet said...

This was the first song i liked a lot: ;However i am still in very youthful.