Contests = Closed

Hey guys,

Both the Embarrassment of Wizardly Riches and the Pick a Peck o' Pirates contests are now closed. I've also shut those posts down to new comments, because sometimes I get repeats of the same questions. All the answers you need will be in this post, (or in your email, if you win.)

Winners will be notified before the end of the weekend and a list of who won will go up as well.

Thanks to everyone who participated!


TheDrakeFlame said...

Thanks for those fun contests, Lisa! I attempted the Wizard101 word search and man.. It was a true test for my brain. :)
Continue working our minds with those clever and witty contests. ;)
Thanks again, good luck to all!


Duncan StormThief said...

I have to agree with Chris. Contest was interesting, i think i found all of them, and in a short amount of time too, but we will see. When are we going to see all the answers? :) Thx for the contest once again, it was fun.

tabitha said...

yes very good contest it was so fun to do. i love word searches.