Contest Winners: Pick a Peck o'Pirates

Hey guys!

Here we have the winners of the second, grand re-opening contest, Pick a Peck o'Pirates! As with the Wizard contest, my thanks everyone who participated!

Ready? Here we go!

First, the solution to the puzzle...

And the winners are...

Brave Sam Laveer 
Crafty Aurora Elfirth 
Dead-Eye Digby 
 Iris Nightingale 
Katherine NightSong 
Loyal Owen Lewis 
Madison Nightingale 
Stubborn Duncan Freeman 
Talon Shadowhorn 
Wicked Esmeralda Nightingale

Congrats to all the winners! All winners have been notified via email.

1 comment:

Duncan StormThief said...

I won this one :) Thank you very much and congratulation to all winners :)

Stubborn Duncan Freeman