Site Moved

Hey guys,

This version of A Mythspent Youth is now officially closed. Please change your bookmarks and point your browsers on over to the shiny new WordPress site:

See you there!

We're Moving!

Hey guys!

I've finally done it! I registered the domain and got it hosted.

I am now in the process of packing up everything here and moving it there. It looks a bit plain at the moment, but everything else should function well enough.

So change your book marks and prepare for the all new A Mythspent Youth!

Video Friday: RRcherrypie

Hey guys!

Another video Friday here. I discovered this YouTube channel a while back and CANNOT STOP WATCHING. No kidding, these videos, they're like a lava lamp, drawing me in.

A delicious, chibi lava lamp.

Anyway, no dialogue, no music, just making weird things from quirky, Japanese kits.  Enjoy!

An Open Letter to CTS

Dear CTS,


Li'l Duke Sampson waits patiently as Abigail fetches lunch in the Ravenwood cafeteria.

Most Sincerely,


The Return of Video Friday: Tunes from the Vault

Hey guys!

With the return of the blog comes the return of my habit of posting videos on Friday. "Why?" you ask.  "Why not?" I counter. Also, while it wasn't an official thing before, I'm making it one now. So every Friday, there will be a new video (or several).

This week I subject introduce you to some of the music of my early childhood. "Why?" you ask again. Because I can. Now stop asking silly questions.

But seriously, these songs form some of my earliest best memories and I'm glad that I live in the future now, so that I can share them with you. Ready to give them a try? Good! Here goes:

Contest Winners: Pick a Peck o'Pirates

Hey guys!

Here we have the winners of the second, grand re-opening contest, Pick a Peck o'Pirates! As with the Wizard contest, my thanks everyone who participated!

Ready? Here we go!

Contest Winners: An Embarrassment of Wizardly Riches

Hey guys!

First, thanks to one and all who participated! Second, there are some important notes about these Wizard101 codes, so PAY ATTENTION:


Got all that? Good! Now, the solution to the puzzle...

Walk of Shame

Hey guys,

I had a few (real life) technical glitches this weekend and I didn't have time to get the contest winners sorted out as I promised. I hereby do the walk of shame.

My apologies for the delay.  I'll get it together and everyone will be notified sometime on Monday.

Contests = Closed

Hey guys,

Both the Embarrassment of Wizardly Riches and the Pick a Peck o' Pirates contests are now closed. I've also shut those posts down to new comments, because sometimes I get repeats of the same questions. All the answers you need will be in this post, (or in your email, if you win.)

Winners will be notified before the end of the weekend and a list of who won will go up as well.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Game Review: The Missing Ink

Hey guys!

Here's a new one to try, The Missing Ink. I did a review of it over at The basics: It's cute, quirky and story-based. It has both RPG questing and free-building. It's also free to play. It's fun to play!

You are welcome to go there and read the full text, but I caution you, that site can be a bit rough and isn't the place for anyone under sixteen. And no matter how old you are, don't read the comments. That way lies madness.

You have been warned.